10 Skincare Tips for Winter

Blog Graphics (3)Want to know our best skincare tips for winter? Keep reading to find out how to combat the skin issues you may face during these cold winter months! 

One thing most people don’t realize is that it’s not just the cold air outside, it’s also a combination of factors, including low humidity levels and dry indoor heat, that can lead to dry winter skin.

The following winter skincare tips should help keep your skin looking healthy, even when temperatures dip and there’s no escape from winter’s dry, cold air.


Winter Skincare Tips:


1. Adjust your shower temperature, frequency, and length

A long, hot shower feels great when it’s chilly outside — but, unfortunately, it’s not great if you have dry skin. Limit your showers to 5-10 minutes, and if possible, shower every other day. A hot shower or bath at the end of a cold winter’s day can feel especially soothing. But, to keep your skin nourished, you may want to keep the water temperature closer to lukewarm.


2. Limit the use of exfoliants and scrubs

In winter, try to not over-exfoliate. If your skin is dry or flaky, try using a chemical exfoliate rather than a physical scrub. These types of scrubs usually contain larger particles which can irritate your dry skin.


3. Look for fragrance-free products

The winter air can cause your skin to become extra sensitive, so opt for fragrance-free products to help avoid further irritation. Choose a mild facial cleanser and body wash that are fragrance-free and alcohol-free.


4. Moisturize right after washing

When you wash your face, hands, and body, you immediately strip your skin of its natural oils. We recommend that you moisturize your skin immediately after washing, especially during the winter months. Using a cream or ointment rather than a lotion will help lock in moisture on your skin.


5. Don’t skip the sunscreen

Even though the days are shorter in the winter, don’t forget to apply sunscreen daily. UV rays can still wreck damage to your skin, so continue to apply sunscreen each morning after applying your moisturizer. What SPF should you use? The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends using a sunscreen with at least SPF 30.


6. Choose fragrance-free detergent

In addition to opting to use fragrance-free cleansers, opting for fragrance-free laundry detergent can also help keep dry winter skin at bay. If fragrance-free is not your preference, choose a detergent meant for sensitive skin, which can also help ease your skin from further irritation.


7. Use a humidifier

According to Harvard Health Publishing, a humidifier setting of 60 percent in winter can replenish moisture in the top layer of your skin! Since humidifiers add moisture back into the air, they can counteract the dryness of the air that is caused by using indoor heating systems, which dries the air out. If you don’t have a humidifier yet, get one today!


8. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day will also help combat winter skin! Not staying hydrated can affect the appearance of your skin while making it more prone to drying out. 


9. Protect your hands

In the winter months, your hands can become especially dry. A few ways to keep your hands healthy during these months is to limit hand washing, use a gentle soap with warm water, and apply fragrance-free hand cream regularly (and after washing).

If you didn’t know already, gloves are the best protection for your hands, protecting them from environmental factors that can dry them out. We suggest wearing warm gloves when going out into the cold and using a pair of silicone gloves when washing dishes.


10. Cover Up

In addition to protecting your hands from the cold winter air, make sure you wear scarves and hats when stepping outside as well. These items not only help keep you warm, they protect your skin from the harsh winter elements.


If your skin becomes extremely dry and irritated, consult with your dermatologist or local healthcare provider. At Advanced Aesthetics, we offer a wide selection of skincare products that can help keep your skin protected and hydrated during these cold months. Visit our online store or schedule an appointment with us today!


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