Skincare Products Trends

skincare product trendsIt can be difficult to keep up with all the latest skincare trends. What are the latest skincare trends in 2022? What is good about these practices and products? In this guide, we’ll cover the latest trends in skincare and their benefits.

Skincare Trend Product Guide

The following are some of the most popular skincare trends of 2022. Read on to learn about these popular treatments and products and what benefits they provide.

Face Masks

Face masks have long been associated with self-care and pampering oneself. This long-time favorite of skincare enthusiasts is enjoying a bit of a re-emergence in 2022.

So what kinds of face masks are popular these days? Face masks and peels that are ultra-hydrating, restorative, and rejuvenating are all the rage. People are looking for face masks that restore and protect the skin barrier.

Overnight Treatments

Beauty treatments that work while you sleep are wildly popular nowadays. Overnight face masks and the slugging trend are extremely popular. Eye creams that are applied before sleeping are trendy, too. Eye creams that rejuvenate, moisturize, and minimize dark circles are among the most popular.

Skincare Minimalism

As people return to work in 2022, there is a rise in interest in more minimalist skincare routines. A minimalist skincare routine is simple, with only a few steps, and easy to be consistent with.

Using too many active products at once can be damaging to the skin. Keep your routine more simple than ever with a face wash, moisturizer, and daily sunscreen.


Ceramides are fats or lipids that naturally occur in your skin. With aging, your ceramide levels will go down. Products that contain ceramides help you retain your moisture barrier and can help reduce dryness and irritation.

Ceramides are commonly found in moisturizers, overnight creams, serums, and restorative or repair creams.

Try applying a moisturizer with ceramides immediately after showering to lock in as much moisture as possible. Applying ceramide products right before bed is a great way to retain your moisture barrier as you sleep, as well.

SPF Products

Sunscreen is becoming more and more popular as people realize just how harmful UV rays are. There is rising demand for more versatile products containing SPF. Expect to see more products containing SPF, like moisturizers, setting sprays, chapsticks, and makeup. Also expect more inclusive products, such as sunscreens that are more friendly for people of color and don’t leave a white cast.

Personalized Skincare

Many beauty companies are now offering “personalized” skincare products. With personalized skincare, formulas are made for the individual. They would be free of any ingredients or allergens you may have, as well as treat the issues that you specify.

Skincare isn’t the same for everyone, and new beauty brands are capitalizing on this notion. Expect a rise in new beauty brands that offer customized products like serums, toners, and moisturizers, among others.

Final Thoughts

Beauty and skincare trends for 2022 seem to be balancing conventional wisdom with new and exciting attitudes about the health of our skin. The world of skincare is ever-changing, and there is a lot of optimism about new products and trends as more and more people become aware of how important skincare is.


For more information on the latest beauty treatments, visit our blog. For help developing your own skincare routine, schedule a consultation with Advanced Esthetics today!

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