DMK Lunchtime Peel Special

Lunchtime-Peel-WebLook and feel fabulous with our new Lunchtime Peel, designed to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, minimize open pores and brighten skin. This session lasts 45 minutes and during your treatment, you can expect to experience

  • Flaking or sheeting of accumulated cell material.
  • Redness and heat in the skin.
  • Changes in the color of any pigmentation present on the surface of the skin.

The DMK Lunchtime Peel key ingredients include:

  • Glycolic acid: Removes dead skin cells on the surface.
    Lactic acid: Less irritating than other acids, it refreshes and retexturises the skin whilst stimulating cell renewal.
    Citric acid: Derived from fermented orange oil, it both balances the skin’s pH and helps to bind lipids and fluids for increased hydration.
    Salicylic acid: Has an anti-microbial action that helps to fight infection and bacteria, keeping the skin clean and clear.
    Malic acid: Promotes smoother, firmer skin.

Save on this special if you book before October 31, 2022.


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