7 Benefits of Getting Monthly Facials

FacialsThere are so many benefits of monthly facials. Not only do facials help rejuvenate and relax your skin, they also can offer us more confidence. The first step to achieving healthy skin starts by implementing a regular skincare regime, which should include monthly facials performed by your esthetician. These monthly facials are designed to help you achieve the healthiest skin possible, working in tandem with your at-home skincare routine.


There are numerous types of facial treatments, designed to work with different skin types and conditions. While some facials are firming and restoring, others can be highly moisturizing. There are even facials that focus on treating skin conditions and problem areas. 


If you want to add this treatment to your skincare routine, keep reading to learn seven benefits to monthly facials: 

  • Deep cleansing & detoxification

Even though you use a cleanser daily, they can only do so much. Facials actually help remove the build up of oil and dirt that your daily cleanser cannot. Ingredients such as sea salts, oils, and herbal extracts that are found in many facials can help detoxify your skin. This detoxification will help your skin look and feel radiant and refreshed.

  • Exfoliation

When receiving a facial, many types of facials help exfoliate your skin – helping remove dead skin cells and excess oils while unclogging your pores. Additionally, microdermabrasion is a great add-on service that we recommend to be used during a facial treatment.

  • Increased circulation

When you receive a facial treatment, your esthetician will perform a gentle massage on your face. This relaxing process helps circulate the blood flow under the skin, therefore decreasing puffiness and fluid build-up caused by your lymphatic system. 

  • Anti-Aging

This improved blood flow you receive from your monthly facials helps promote the production of collagen. With age, our natural production of collagen slows, leaving skin less elastic, and prone to wrinkles. Having monthly facials will help slow down the aging process by stimulating the production of collagen which will then help minimize fine lines and wrinkles while promoting softer and smoother skin.

  • Skin absorption

Having regular, monthly facials will also help with your skin’s absorption abilities. Skin absorption is important to note because if your skin’s surface is too rough and full of impurities, it becomes hard for cosmetic products to be absorbed effectively into your skin. It is also recommended that your skin’s absorption be up to par before you receive certain cosmetic treatments. By getting a facial once a month, your skin will be prepared and ready to absorb more from your skincare products and treatments.

  • Acne treatment

If you are suffering from acne, or have flare ups from time to time, having monthly facials will help you in the long run. These facials will balance out your skin especially if you incorporate regular peels into your skincare routine. 

  • Relaxation

Facials not only offer many benefits to your skin and appearance, but they also help you relax and de-stress. When you receive a facial at Advanced Esthetics LVC, your experience will be relaxing, calm, and enjoyable. Having monthly facials will help encourage a happier and healthier you!


Clients often ask when they should set up their next facial, ideally it would be every 4 weeks however 5-6 weeks is great too. If you can’t remember the last time you had a facial treatment, now is the time. At Advanced Esthetics LVC, we love our AE Signature Facial among our other facial services. Learn more about these services on our website and blog, or simply contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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