All About Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of applying makeup each and every day? Thanks to permanent makeup (PMU), you may be able to!


So what is Permanent Makeup?


Also referred to as PMU, permanent makeup is micropigmentation of the skin. This enhances your appearance by mimicking makeup such as eyeliner, lipstick, or brows. 

These services are meant to be used to enhance your natural beauty and make your daily makeup routine simpler and easier. Each one of these services are customized to each individual person.

PMU is not meant to completely get rid of makeup but more so to make their daily routine easier so that when you choose to not wear makeup you still look put together. PMU also serves as a guide for when you do decide to apply makeup. Since the pigment is implanted in the skin it’s smudge proof even after a long day when the rest of the makeup has faded away.

PMU is the base of your makeup routine. Whether you add some brow gel or fill them in for a bolder look for a night out or add gloss to your lips or a bright color or add a winged liner or just be bare skinned. PMU is your base, your guide for the freedom of whatever look you’re going for and always look ready for the day.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the PMU services available (and that we offer at Advanced Esthetics), including Nano Brows,  Lip Blushing, and  Lash Enhancement Liner.

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Nano Brows:

Nano brows is a technique that starts off by mapping the individual person’s face and bone structure. No two sets of brows can be duplicated. The uniqueness of each person’s face would not allow it. There’s no stencil for one size fits all. The shape is 100% customized to fit your face.

There are different styles that can be chosen to fit your preference and your everyday wear. Nano Brows are suitable for all skin types. It’s more durable over time than other options like microblading and it is less damaging to the skin. 

People who choose this service are either those who just want their brows to be a little more filled in or those who have little to no hair to start with and want to create definition to their brows. It has also been used to camouflage scars and create brows.

Nano brows are a great investment to make life a little easier, boost your confidence and give definition to a focal point of your face that ultimately gives shape and definition to the rest of your facial features.

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Lash Enhancement Liner:

Lash Enhancement Liner or Lash Liner is a technique that implants pigment on your lash line to create subtle definition. This service creates the illusion of fuller thicker lashes. Making your eyes appear more expressive.

When doing this service, your PMU artist follows your lash line, as they serve as a guide on how thick or thin the liner will be.

Someone who might choose this service is someone who:

  • has light lash hair
  • doesn’t have a thick lash line
  • doesn’t like when their makeup liner smudges all over their face
  • wants more definition and depth to their lash line, giving that makeup no make up look.
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Lip Blushing:

Lip Blushing is a technique used to give color to your lips. It’s not meant to replace lipstick 100%, especially for those who wear bright solid colors. It is an option to provide shape, definition and color for everyday wear. It is also used for reconstruction or correction for those who have scars or have lost the shape of their lips. It’s used to give a little “blush” to those who have pale lips or more definition and brightness to your lips. It is also used to neutralize/camouflage hyperpigmentation or melanin rich skin that is common predominantly in people of color.

As with all cosmetic treatments, results depend on a per-person basis and PMU’s life-span may also be influenced by external factors, including environmental. We recommend visiting our Permanent Makeup page or contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our PMU artists today!

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