5 Services to Make Your Eyes POP!

eyebrows-and-eyelash-servicesThroughout history, people have treasured beautiful eyes. How can you make your naturally beautiful eyes even more noticeable? There are several services you can get to really make your eyes pop! The following guide explains some of these services; keep reading to learn more.

1.) Wax Your Eyebrows

One of the simplest ways to make those eyes stand out is by shaping your eyebrows. Waxing is a quick, simple way to accomplish this and is best for thick brows. Having your brows waxed is often one of the most affordable services at spas. A trained professional will use wax to pull the stray hairs away, leaving you with perfectly shaped brows, and allowing your eyes to really shine.

2.) Enhance Your Eyebrows: Nano Brows/ Combo Brows/ Powder-Ombre Brows

There are several ways to have your lovely natural eyebrows enhanced. These eyebrow services create beautiful brows that last for up to 3 years. Before beginning these procedures, an esthetician will use brow mapping to determine the perfect shape for your face.

Very specific measurements are taken to accomplish this. Typically, brow mapping is done before any kind of eyebrow shaping.

Services like nano-blading and tinting are popular options for adding shape and color to your eyebrows. We offer several different techniques such powder ombre, combo, full nano, bold, and more. Our expert estheticians can help you choose the style that’s right for you. Check out our website to see some of our eyebrow transformations.

3.) Tint Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow tinting is another popular option to shape and add some color to your brows. It is totally non-invasive and pain-free. A professional will shape and darken the brows with dye, and it usually takes no more than 15 minutes. The results of tinting will last a few weeks.

4.) Get Eyelash Extensions

It isn’t all about the eyebrows. Getting eyelash extensions is another great way to make your eyes pop. The procedure involves placing single long eyelashes along your natural lash line. These lashes are glued in place, one by one. You will be left with long, dramatic lashes that look very natural. The result lasts several weeks.

5.) Lift & Curl Your Eyelashes

Having lashes curve upward beautifully has always been a way to make the eyes more noticeable. Usually, this is done with an eyelash curler at home, but having the lashes professionally lifted will last much longer, about a month. Basically, a perm solution is applied to the lashes and curled with a small eyelash roller. The procedure is safe and done by a professional.

At Advanced Esthetics, professionals offer services to really make your eyes pop. Contact Advanced Esthetics to schedule an appointment for your eyebrows or eyelashes today.


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